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About SAP IQ Course

IT STU2PRO offers specialized SAP IQ training programs covering all aspects of this powerful database management system, which teaches Sybase IQ terminology, concepts, and how to set up, load, and maintain a Sybase IQ database. The course is designed to help learners with hands-on software experience, starting from basic concepts and progressing to advanced features. With practical exercises, case studies, and real-world scenarios, this training helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of the software and efficiently manage large-scale data requirements using Sybase IQ training. By completing the course, students can qualify for the certification exam (SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP IQ 16.0/16.1).


Syllabus of SAP IQ Online Training

Module 1: SAP IQ Overview and Architecture

  • Describing SAP IQ
  • Describing SAP IQ Architecture

Module 2: Installation

  • Installing SAP IQ

Module 3: SAP IQ Tools

  • Connecting to SAP IQ

Module 4: SAP IQ Databases

  • Planning for SAP IQ Databases
  • Creating SAP IQ Databases

Module 5: Server and Memory Configuration

  • Configuring the Server
  • Configuring Memory

Module 6: SAP IQ Data and Index Types

  • Defining SAP IQ Datatypes and Index Types

Module 7: Table and Index Creation

  • Describing SQL in SAP IQ
  • Creating Tables
  • Creating Views
  • Creating Indexes

Module 8: Data Loading

  • Loading Data

Module 9: Additional Data Loading Topics

  • Inserting data
  • Resolving Data Loading Issues

Module 10: Security Management

  • Designing a Security Model
  • Implementing a Security Model
  • Migrating Authorization

Module 11: Multiplex

  • Creating a Multiplex
  • Managing a Multiplex
  • Managing Resources Through Logical Servers

Module 12: Transaction Management and Locking

  • Describing Transactions and Locking in SAP IQ

Module 13: SAP IQ Monitoring

  • Monitoring SAP IQ

Module 14: SAP IQ Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting SAP IQ

Module 15: Backup and Restore

  • Backing Up SAP IQ databases
  • Restoring SAP IQ databases

Module 16: Licensing and Premium Features

  • Generating SAP IQ Licenses