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AWS DevOps Training

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AWS DevOps Training



Why you should enroll in DevOps?

At its core, DevOps is a set of cultural philosophy, tools & practice that assists companies to build, test & deploy software & services more reliably at a faster rate. Traditionally, IT had two separate teams in an organization- The Development team & Operation team. Under a DevOps model, software development & operations are not isolated; but rather synced in a rhythm for continuous delivery/continous integration.

With time, many SMEs are adapting Agile Methodologies which have been at the forefront of Silicon Valley giants for the last decade. Jobs with DevOps in the title have become very popular over the last few years. Companies are in dire need of DevOps Talents who can maximize their productivity through automation.

DevOps offers a definite career path that promises steady growth. As a DevOps engineer, you will possess extensive knowledge of SDLC (software development life cycle), and you will know how to juggle coding, integrating, and testing.

Difference between DevOps & Full Stack Development:

To put it simply, Full Stack Development & DevOps are two sides of the same coin. They both are two parallel modern-day cultural philosophies for a common objective- release software in the shortest turnaround time with zero bugs.

The only difference is between their adapted methods. A full-stack developer is a versatile developer who runs a marathon which gives him enough time to maintain consistency & pace whereas a DevOps engineer prioritise agility. He/she is aware of enterprise architecture knowledge, application development environment, testing department & ​​a better idea of how to move things so that the whole project moves faster.

AWS DevOps Certification Training in Chennai is one of the highly preferred certification courses by IT professionals and graduates from IT background. Our certified experts built this course package in a structured manner so as to match the requirements of the latest IT trends and market needs. This certification training will help you to get excellent command over creating, handling and working with distributed applications. You will also gain expertise in fundamental DevOps patterns required to design, deploy and manage applications in the AWS environment and automation techniques of SDLC, managing configurations, automation standards, and policies, etc., Moreover, our live instructors educate you to prepare for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification Exam.

AWS DevOps Training in Chennai is providing a detailed knowledge on DevOps patterns, how to deploy, develop, and handle AWS platform applications. You can easily explore the skills on DevOps methodology, Docker, Kubernetes, Nagios, Chef and many more. Most of the IT firms are completely dependent on AWS DevOps process and hence this AWS DevOps training is playing its major role. Live classes and hands-on assignments are the plus of AWS DevOps training in Chennai.

AWS DevOps Training Course ensures your proficiency and a high command over the basics to high level advanced AWS DevOps concepts that facilitate you with more practical sessions to help you understand each and every concept precisely. Our high-quality training will guide you to execute DevOps in AWS. AWS DevOps Training Course will enable you to gain mastery in code commit, ops work, cloud formation, Simple storage service(S3), Elastic Cloud Compute(EC2), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Auto Scaling, Relational Database Services (RDS) etc.,.

Our certified instructors will let you explore real-world projects which make you understand the current industry requirements. At the end of this training course, you will be shaped as a successful AWS DevOps Engineer and will independently deploy DevOps in AWS and will get hands-on in all the advanced concepts of automation so as to plan, create and deploy applications through best training practices.

Our exhaustive training certainly assures your success in the certification exam. We support this training through high profile IT professionals who possess excellent subject knowledge and assures you the best ever training experience. As per the sources (Glassdoor), the average base pay of an AWS DevOps Engineer is INR 5,01,480 per year. Hold this offer to get started your career in the IT industry by learning AWS DevOps