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RPA – Automation Anywhere

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RPA – Automation Anywhere

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RPA – Automation Anywhere


RPA for Automation Anywhere

Certification Course

This certification course is designed, by industry experts, for you to master RPA and its different tools. Learners will gain knowledge about the life cycle of RPA Automation Anywhere etc., through hands-on projects and case studies. Enroll now and get started with your career in the RPA domain.

About Program

This RPA for Automation Anywhere Certification Course aims to aid you in becoming a successful RPA professional. As part of the training, you will get to work on hands-on projects and case studies and learn about the key concepts of RPA, the BluePrism tool for Windows deployment, the creation of RPA bots, the industrial applications of RPA, and the key guidelines for implementing RPA.

Program Curriculum

  • Introduction of a Control room
  • Control room features
  • Viewing task-relevant activities in Dashboard
  • The Dashboard
  • Dashboard Decoded
  • User management in the control room
  • Create a user
  • Managing the Repository
  • Running and scheduling the task dependencies
  • Running Task in the control room
  • Scheduling the task in the control room
  • Creating schedule
  • Deleting schedule
  • Control room settings
  • Introduction to Automation Anywhere Client
  • Panel for task-relevant activities
  • .NET Framework Requirements
  • Synchronization between Client and Server
  • Installing the automation anywhere
  • Running Automated task
  • Active Directory
  • Citrix Environment
  • Clipboard
  • Comment
  • Database connectivity
  • Connect
  • Disconnect
  • SQL Query
  • Run Stored procedure
  • Delay
  • Email Automation
  • Error Handling
  • Excel
  • Open Spreadsheet
  • Close Spreadsheet
  • Active Sheet
  • Set Cell
  • Get Cell
  • Files and Folders
  • Create File
  • Delete File
  • Create Folder
  • Delete Folder
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • IF Else Condition
  • Looping
  • Image recognition
  • Mouse Click Details
  • Keyboard usage details
  • Internet Connection
  • Launch Website
  • Manage Window Control
  • Message Box
  • Object Cloning
  • OCR
  • PDF handling details
  • PGP
  • Play Sound
  • Printer
  • Prompt
  • Run Script
  • SAP Integration
  • þÿScreen Capture
  • Send Email
  • SOAP web Services
  • String Operations
  • System
  • Task
  • Variable Operation
  • Wait
  • Web recorder
  • XML
  • Meta Bot
  • IQ bot