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RPA for UIPath

Certification Course

This certification course is designed, by industry experts, for you to master RPA and its different tools. Learners will gain knowledge about the life cycle of RPA, UiPath Studio, etc., through hands-on projects and case studies. Enroll now and get started with your career in the RPA domain.

About Program

This RPA for UiPath Certification Course aims to aid you in becoming a successful RPA professional. As part of the training, you will get to work on hands-on projects and case studies and learn about the key concepts of RPA, the UiPath tool for Windows deployment, the creation of RPA bots, the industrial applications of RPA, and the key guidelines for implementing RPA.

Program Curriculum

Module 1

Introduction to RPA

  1. The important methods of Robotic Process Automation
  2. The architecture pattern of RPADeveloping the RPA process
  3. The various tools used in RPA
  4. The different types of bots Selection criteria
  5. The lifecycle of RPA
  6. Handling data solution pattern

Module 2

UiPath tool for RPA

  1. Introduction to UiPath tool for Robotic Process Automation
  2. Understanding the workflow activities and workflow files in UiPath
  3. The different user interface of UiPath
  4. Automation activity package
  5. The various projects in UiPath

Module 3

Important components of UiPath

  1. Introduction to UiPath Studio UiPath Robot
  2. UiPath Orchestrator
  3. Working with variables Managing control flow
  4. Excel automation
  5. Desktop, Web & GUI automation with UiPath

Module 4

User Interface automation

  1. The process to automate the user interface with UiPath Automated tasks configuration
  2. Various variables
  3. Output viewing
  4. Arguments
  5. Importing the packages

Module 5

Recording with UiPath

  1. Detailed learning of the recording
  2. Scraping methods
  3. User events
  4. Recording of sequence of events fit for automation
  5. Extracting data from browser

Module 6
Programming Activities Using Data Table

  1. Understand programming activities using Data Table Learn Data Table Structure
  2. Comprehend Searching Method
  3. Data Table Activities
  4. Create an environment and associate the workflow Understand Creation of Collection
  5. Know about Sequence and Flowchart
  6. Assimilate Send Get and Read Email Message

Module 7
Workflow & Citrix manipulation

  1. Introduction to invoking a workflow in UiPath
  2. Manipulating data using UiPath
  3. Citrix automation for accessing virtual applications
  4. Virtual environment automation
  5. PDF automation
  6. Advanced Citrix automation.

Module 8
UI Path coding & debugging

  1. Introduction to programming in UiPath
  2. The various projects related to organization
  3. Debugging and handling of exceptions
  4. Detailed understanding of programming activity
  5. Handling of errors

Module 9
Screen scraping with UiPath

  1. Importance of screen scraping with UiPath
  2. Various aspects of screen scraping like taking screenshot Activating
  3. Highlighting & selecting item
  4. Getting text
  5. Setting clip region
  6. Loading image and more

Module 10
Automate and Orchestrate the Task

  1. Learn to automate the process of Reading Email Message
  2. Downloading Email Attachment
  3. Sequence and Flow Chart
  4. Reusable Component of Email

Module 11

Create a Scalable Queue Management System

  1. Understand what Queue is Learn about Queue Management System
  2. Comprehend Data Scraping Know about Insert in Queue

Module 12
RE Framework

  1. Working with RE-Framework
  2. Introduction to REFramework
  3. Using State Machine Layout
  4. Different States of the State Machine
  5. Workflows of the Framework
  6. Global variables and default variables of main workflow

At the end of the training you will learn the below concepts

  • UiPath Studio
  • UiPath Robot
  • UiPath Orchestrator
  • Virtual environment
  • automation
  • GUI automation
  • Web automation
  • Citrix manipulation
  • Automated tasks
Introduction to RPA (Duration: 02:00:00)

About RPA

RPA Tools

RPA Tools Installation

Differences between Automation Tools

Hardware and Software Requirements

Workflow Designer Panels (Duration: 02:00:00)


Universal Search Box

Activities Panel

Design Panel

Library Panel

Project Panel

Properties Panel

Outline Panel

Output Panel

Control Panel

Types of Workflows (Duration: 02:00:00)



State Machines

Managing Variables and Arguments (Duration: 02:00:00)

Managing Variables

Types of Variables

Managing Arguments

Data Scraping (Duration: 02:00:00)

Examples of Using Data Scraping

Recording (Duration: 02:00:00)

About Recording

Recording Types

Automatic Recording

Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop

Example of Automatic Recording with Web

Manual Recording

Advanced UI Interaction (Duration: 02:00:00)

Input Methods

Output or Screen Scraping

Recording (Duration: 02:00:00)

About Selectors

Selectors with Wildcards

Full versus Partial Selectors

UiPath Explorer

Image and Text Automation (Duration: 02:00:00)

About Image and Test Automation

Mouse and Keyboard Activities

Text Activities

OCR Activities

Image Activities

Examples for all activities

Citrix Automation (Duration: 02:00:00)

Introduction to Citrix Automation

Example of Citrix Automation

Excel & Data Tables (Duration: 02:00:00)

Excel Activities

Data Tables Activities


PDF (Duration: 02:00:00)

Data Extraction from PDF

PDF Activities

Email Automation (Duration: 02:00:00)

Email Automation

Email Activities

Debugging and Exception Handling (Duration: 02:00:00)

Debug Workflow

Error Handlings

UiPath Orchestrator (Duration: 03:00:00)