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UI-UX Training

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UI-UX Training

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UI-UX Training



This module helps you take your first steps towards becoming a successful UI/UX designer. You will be introduced to basics of UI/UX design and the tools (Figma and Adobe XD) used in for creating various projects

UI Design
  • User Interface Definition
  • Design Thinking Introduction
  • Visual Design Principals Introduction
  • Web and App Design Essentials
UX Design
  • User Definition
  • UX History
  • Human Needs and their Importance
  • Experience Definition
  • Research Introduction
  • Teamwork Essentials
  • Project Present Introduction
  • Lean and Agile UX Introduction
Tools Introduction
  • Figma (Brief Description and its Pros & Cons)
  • Adobe XD (Brief Description and its Pros & Cons)